My home has Foundation damage, how can I sell it?

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bay area fast house buyerFoundation damage can occur in many ways, earthquake, subsidence and tree roots are just three that spring to mind.  Older foundations with poor materials or construction can be another.

So there are two basic types of problems and situations that may need fixing.
A: Cracks and movement/tipping that could be caused by water erosion, unstable soil, earthquakes and tree roots.
B: Deteriorating materials or faulty construction.  The materials could deteriorate with age and weathering, flooding or if improperly mixed concrete was used for the initial construction.

Signs of foundation problems and failures could be cracked or uneven floors, cracks in walls and ceilings, tiles cracking or coming loose.  Doors or windows may not close properly or stick and jam.

cannot afford to fix foundationWhat to do if you have problems?

It is essential you investigate and have the nature and cause of the problem determined.  You are going to need an inspection by a structural engineer, this can run you anywhere from $250 – $750.  They may need or suggest a soil report, this can be very expensive and add $400 – $2200 to the total, depending on the situation and the detail needed to solve the issue.

Repairing  Foundationswe buy damaged houses

The many types of foundation problems can run from a few hundred dollars for a simple crack to many thousands of dollars for major movement and undermining.  If you are in an earthquake region, the cost can rocket up with the need for reinforcing and anchor bolts.  If the problem is poor soil then you will need underpinning and steel or concrete supports building under the house.  They may have to dig all around and under the home, destroying the landscaping, removing trees and in worst case scenarios even digging up a pool if it is near the house.

kevin roberts house buyerCosts of Repairs

A simple repair might run $2000-$3000 for one corner of a foundation to be underpinned.  If piers and additional support are needed it could run into the $25000-$35000 range.  We would strongly recommend shopping around for repair estimates, the costs may vary greatly from contractor to contractor.

I can’t afford to have all this done, can I still sell my home?

Most buyers are very wary of buying a home with foundation problems, and few banks will finance such a home.

What can we do to help you?

Here are Selling a Home Fast we buy all types of homes and houses, in any condition and with any problems.  We will take a look at your property, estimate the seriousness of the problem and make you an offer without you having to have any inspections or reports done.  We will cover any reports we feel needed to assess the issue and make you a fair, all cash offer, for what we feel your home is worth.  we can close in as little as 7 days and have money to you just as quickly.  If you have a home or property with foundation problems you cannot afford to repair, call us today or complete the above form and we will make you an offer today!