Fun Ways to Sell My Home Fast using Feng Shui By owner.

Here are a few interesting Feng Shui tips to making a home sell fast.

We like to buy ugly homes, with the idea that when were done remodeling a house that were going to have a family create more memories and make it their home for years to come. This how you sell your house by owner any cash buyer will be attracted to these tips.

First tip is Feng Shui The secret Weapon

No Clutter

The counters need to have no stacks of paper

Make the home flow

Don’t cover windows with furniture

Pick up the floor items

Keep the home free of dust

No odors in the house, smoke is the worst followed by pets

The garage needs to be able to park the cars no one really wants to leave the car on the street.

Second tip Living Room is the first place to make the home more welcoming.

Corner of the room put in tall lights

Curves better then lines

Third Tip is in the kitchen

The kitchen is where the money is made.

Make and eat good food

Fruit represents the Harvest or the rewards you get.

Make the kitchen have lots of light and fruits.

Fourth tip the bedroom your sanctuary.

Furniture needs to be matching

Night stands need to be the same , if one is larger that person

is going to rule the house.

I’m going to share with  you this youtube blog by a news women. Fun Ways to Sell My Home Fast with Feng Shui

Sell Your Home With Feng Shui

Fun Ways to Sell My Home Fast with Feng Shui By Owner

If you keep say how do I Sell My House Fast these tips will help you out

This is what we do when we resell a house we bought that was really ugly.

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visit our website  We will give you a Fair All Cash Offer and close on the day you choose. We will bring that home back to life. I hhop you enjoyed Fun Ways to sell my home my home fast.

Here is a great article from INC Magazine for home office Feng Shui tips