Hoarder Houses

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Often people will inherit a property or home from an elderly relative, and be the proud owner of a house waist deep in “treasure”.  The previous occupant was a hoarder, they may have collected anything from newspapers to empty soda cans.  We have seen homes that there is literally a narrow pathway from the door to the kitchen, to the bathroom and living room, EVERYWHERE else in the house is piled floor to ceiling with junk, broken appliances, old newspapers, computer parts, books, bottles and in some cases worse!

Maybe you didn’t inherit the home and you live there, you’ve just let it get away from you and now it’s just too intimidating a project for you to take on.  Your stuck, can’t really get it cleaned up, are finally tired of living in these circumstances.  It often gets like this because of health issues, you just can’t manage the home anymore.

Depending on the conditions, what the home is full of and how long it has been that way, this can vary from inconvenient to an outright health hazard, we have bought homes in the past that could feature on the TV series, “Hoarders, buried alive,”

What can you do?

Well, one option is to sort through everything, throw away the obvious garbage and try to sell, save anything of value.  This is back breaking work that takes lots of time, it can take weeks to clear a property of that amount of debris.  Even if you just decide to get rid of everything, this can take a lot of time, and be very expensive.  You could need as many as 5 trips with 40-yard dumpster from even a smaller house that is piled waist high.

You could try a house content buyer, these businesses usually make a low offer on the contents and will empty the house for you.  The problem here is that if the house is truly crammed full, and there are no items of obvious value, many of them will not take on such a project.

Hire someone to haul away the garbage and empty the house.  This will be expensive, not just for the labor of getting the items out of the house but also the cost of dumping the debris, hopefully, there is nothing hazardous in there that takes a special container or process to dispose of.  Hazardous materials get very costly to dump, it’s more than just a trip to the landfill.

So the house is empty, now what?

I will buy your bad tenants bay areaOnce you have the house empty, you can finally see what condition it is in, at the very least to get it ready for sale you are probably going to spend a few thousand painting and freshening the house.  In our experience, the appliances and kitchen/bathrooms may well be very dated.  A home doesn’t become a hoarder house in a couple of years, most of the time you are dealing with decades of accumulation.  In a worst case scenario, you may need to replace flooring, especially if it’s been covered with dirt and filth, rather than just junk.  Walls, doors and baseboards may be damaged and need renewing.  The cost of getting the home for sale will mount up fast.

Now you need to sell the home, you will need to find a Realtor to market it for you, pay commissions and fees.  You may need inspections and repairs to meet the bank’s criteria for financing.  This could take anywhere from a few weeks to months, depending on the market, homes price range and style.  During all this time you will be responsible for property taxes, insurance and maybe even the financing if the home isn’t fully paid for.

All these expenses can put a strain on the finances and you may find you don’t realize as much from the property as you thought you would, and if you inherited the home, there may well be probate expenses involved as well.  See our page here for more information on probate.

What can we do to help?

Here at Selling a Home Fast we buy just about any type of home, house or property, in just about any location and in ANY condition.  We have bought homes that would truly horrify you, our current record is five truckloads from one small family style home located just north of the San Francisco Bay Area.  No matter how bad your property is, no matter how much debris is stuffed inside, we will buy it!  We will take a quick look, make an estimate on what it will take to get it cleared, and make you a fair, all cash offer, usually within a few hours of you contacting us.

SAHF - Hoarding Houses

Now for the best part, we will buy the house as is, no repairs needed, you do not even have to empty it.  All that garbage and junk will become our problem, we will pay to have it removed and then make the repairs we deem necessary.  Let me say that again, you can leave the house full of the junk, and we will pay to remove it after we buy the house.

So if you would at least like to hear our offer call us today on (925) 766-7713 or fill out the form at the top of this page today.  Even if you don’t like our offer, we can at least answer some questions you may have.