Foreclosure Process Explained

What is the Foreclosure Process and how does it affect me?  It’s a simple legal process that takes 110-120 days to complete typically.

We may be able to help you prevent the foreclosure, and realize some value from the property without losing everything.  When the bank forecloses and auctions off a property there is a real chance that it will fetch far less than the market value and you get nothing from the sale.

One of the best ways of selling a property is getting an investor to help you through the process.  We created a short video explaining the probate process and how long it can take.  A lot of the people who find themselves in this situation either don’t know what to do or just try and bury their head in the sand and ignore it.

Please watch this short video explaining the process and give me a call.

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Kevin Roberts has been buying properties for more than 30 years. My son Andrew Roberts joined me six years ago in buying houses with me. Andrew graduated with a Marketing Degree and a PGA Golf management degree. We usually get in touch with you in under one hour.
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